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Frequently asked question
  • What all shall be offered in the RBI grade B course?

    It will be a complete course for RBI grade B phase 2 preparation. It shall include following components:

    1. 50 hours of videos (more than 100) of all the important topics with complete coverage of numerical and non numerical portion
    2. Concept notes and cheat sheets
    3. Coverage of current affairs from Feb till the date of exam
    4. Updation on RBI circulars
    5. 6 essays evaluated by English experts
    6. 6 Precise evaluated by English experts
    7. Doubt clearing sessions on regular basis
    8. MCQs around 1500-2000
    9. 4 Mocks on each Subject
  • Earlier, the course price was 7000 but now it is 12500. Why this increase?

    Earlier, we were providing a PDF course which was read only. Now, we are giving a Video course which is more effective and easy to understand. Also, there was no English evaluation module before which has now been included in the course to help our students score really well in English. Remember that English is usually make or break for RBI selection.

  • Will it be sufficient to crack Phase 2?

    We try our level best to make it as comprehensive as possible. But exams like RBI are pretty unpredictable. We can't promise you that it shall cover 100% of the content but what we can promise is that it shall be the most comprehensive coverage.

  • When will the course be live?

    We are launching by April 15, 2017 when 20-30% material will be added. The remaining modules will be uploaded at frequent intervals.

  • Shall we buy in a group and do the sharing?

    You can do that. But please bear in mind that we don't allow multiple logins. So you if someone is already logged in using your credentials, you won't be able to access your course.

    Also, you should practice the quizzes and see how much you know. All the quizzes can be done just ones (but can be revised multiple times).

  • Is there a refund Policy?

    We can't issue refunds at this point of time. Our course samples are available and you can subscribe to the course only looking after the samples.

Interview with Santhosh Srinivasan - Rank 5 in RBI grade B 2016

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Our results

Few of our students who got recruitment offer from RBI. Though they subscribed to our course, it is their hard work which paid off. They happened to subscribe our course and we are just incidental in their success. While they cleared, there are 90% from our course who didn't. So don't choose us for guaranteed success. Choose us only if you need a little guidance and have a strong determination to prepare for this exam

  • Hardik Mehta

    Rank 1

  • Vasudev Hemachandran

    Rank 30

  • Santhosh Srinivasan

    Rank 5

  • Bharath Vaishnov

    Rank unknown

  • Amit Vishwakarma

    Rank unknown

  • Kumar Brajesh

    Rank Unknown

  • Vivek Singh

    Rank 11


Hardik Mehta

RBI 2016 Rank 1

I find many quizzes pertaining to RBI grade B very informative. The quality of questions has been very good.

Manish Kulkarni

Favorite course so far

When I started preparing for RBI Grade B, just like most aspirants, I decided to collect as much material as possible.

I also subscribed for most of the courses/ test series available on the market.

The purpose for the same was: not to miss any good material out there.

But then, I realised it is not the best strategy.

Instead of quantity, quality matters: especially for RBI Grade B which is one of the most competitive exams.

Incidentally, I stumbled upon "preper" course though a wordpress blog.

When I checked the contents of the course, I realised the course is properly structured.

The content has chapter wise notes, MCQs and even videos for some chapters.

Instead of following multiple courses, I decided to focus only on this course as the material is to the point and easy to understand.

MCQs (Quiz) at the end of each chapter plays very important role to clear the concepts and strengthen the understanding.

The course also has discussion forum where we can discuss and ask doubts. More importantly, faculty does provide a response to each and every query.

The user interface of the course is simple and glitch free. I specially liked the quiz section where you get not just the marks but also your rankings.

This course is perfect especially for those who want to start from scratch as the chapter wise notes are very easy to understand.

This is not like other commercial packages where once u pay the fees u don't get any response from the faculty. Here, the faculty is equally involved with students solving their doubts and providing updates as and when required.

I am not here to do blatant marketing of any body. I am just sharing my experience with the course.

I am just one of the RBI aspirants and I really liked the way this course is delivered.

Hence, I am sharing my experience.

Those who are not sure about the course, can go through the sample material to get better idea.

Obviously, there are are other courses which might also be good. It's up to an individual to choose the right one as per one's requirements.

I am really grateful to Gaurav Sir and other faculty members of Preper for providing such quality material which is really helpful to tackle exams like RBI Grade B.

I am sure many of us must have found the course useful.

Keep up the good work! Kudos!

Really appreciate the hard work you guys are putting to make this course valuable to the students.

Thanks once again!

Vasudev Hemachandran

Cracked RBI in 2016
Roll No. 000024

My experience and education helped me in the finance and management paper. I took a lot of mock tests from Preper to get experience of the questions. For management, I solved online quizzes. For finance, I referred Prasanna Chandra but any standard textbook would do







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